The A1 Super Duty is a mist blower effectively used with VectoBac WDG in WALS applications to control container mosquitoes in urban environments. These machines come with a 100 gallon tank, which allows for 50-60 minutes of treatment. The Super Duty comes with a wireless remote control that allows you to adjust the variable speed throttle, right to left fan rotation and spray on/off. The digital flowmeter and pressure release allows you to quickly and easily make adjustments to the flow rate if changing dilutions.

The A1 Super Duty is equipped with a Micronair atomizer attached to the blower. The atomization from the Micronair creates a cloud of droplets that range from extremely fine to fine size classification, which is ideal for larvicide applications. The blower pushes the product out approximately 160 feet horizontally and 100-120 feet in the air. Ideal wind conditions can increase this even farther. This allows VectoBac WDG to get into containers in backyards, under porches, and anywhere else that a mosquito larvae could be hiding. Overall, the A1 Super Duty is a highly effective machine to use in combination with VectoBac WDG to treat larval habitats that cover a vast amount of area.

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