Company Information

ADAPCO, LLC (an acronym for Allen, Dan And Pete COmpany) was founded by industry pros Allen Wooldridge, Pete Pederson and Dan Boyd in Orlando, FL in 1985. Since that time ADAPCO has grown into the world’s largest distributor of products to the professional mosquito control industry, with a vast line of products from well respected manufacturers. ADAPCO takes pride in partnering with manufacturers that are dedicated to improving the mosquito control industry through research and new product development, resulting in a wide range of the best quality products available for mosquito control.

Over the years, ADAPCO LLC has invested heavily in the development of technology and equipment for the vector control marketplace, resulting in the most up-to-date technology in management tools designed specifically for this industry.

In 2007, ADAPCO developed the Guardian line of sprayers. This line was created to offer our customers a full range of spray equipment. Since ADAPCO designed and engineered the technology and equipment, they understand completely how the systems function and can provide the service required to maintain their performance. ADAPCO continually enhances its product lines to provide customers with the quality they have come to expect from the name you trust in mosquito control.

ADAPCO is here to support you by providing the most sophisticated technology, best in class products, and state of the art tools to win the never-ending battle with mosquitoes.