Apply Products for Efficiently with AccuFlow

Nobody is perfect. We can’t expect our employees applying adult mosquito insecticides from a truck mounted “Fixed Flow” mosquito sprayer to drive and hold a constant speed needed to maintain a desired application rate.  The Solution? AccuFlow 4 by ADAPCO. This onboard GPS based system is designed and purpose built to control insecticide flow through the sprayer proportionate to the speed of the vehicle thus ensuring accurate applications within label limits.

The Solution: AccuFlow 4

What’s Better, the Tortoise or the Hare? Neither.

When you over-apply, you are throwing your money down the drain, and it can lead to non-compliance with pesticide labels by being just a few MPH off the calibrated speed. When you under-apply, it can lead to insecticide resistance in mosquitoes.

In the scenario below, we monitored a typical spray mission by an applicator using a fixed flow sprayer calibrated for a constant spray speed of 10 MPH.  For a full season, we monitored how often the driver was maintaining the correct speed and therefore applying the product at the correct rate. As you can see, the amount of time the driver was in the target range was dwarfed in comparison to how often they were under-applying because they were driving too fast.

In this study, the product was intended to be used at a particular application rate. However, the driver’s speed was too fast a majority of the time and was too slow a small percentage of the time. More concerning, 29% of the time the application was outside the limits of the label, which can lead to control problems and/or legal consequences.

Other Benefits of Switching to a Variable Flow Spray System

Well, first of all, the correct rate is applied accurately and consistently every time providing peace of mind for both licensed applicators and supervisors alike. Applicators can apply at speeds up to 20 MPH (most common) or more, treating more acres in the same amount of time or reducing spray mission times and reducing labor hours.

Do you have a Guardian ULV Sprayer? GREAT! It’s an easy install and plug and play with our Guardian line of ULV Sprayers. It’s also compatible with most other ULV sprayers on the market.

Accuflow 4
  • Compatible with Field Seeker
  • Easily upgrade to more advanced technology in the future
  • Streamlined and intuitive calibration and programmable to any application rate

Everything has gotten more complicated, but AccuFlow hasn’t. Save time, it pays for itself.

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