AMGUARD Fall Updates: Naled Registration Review and Label Changes

AMGUARD updates

AMGUARD Environmental Technologies Naled Registration Review

All insecticides are required by the pesticide statutes to be evaluated every 15 years. Reregistration is not specific to Naled and is part of the normal regulatory process that all pesticide products are required to follow. This US EPA periodic review is designed to consider the best available methods and ensure that previously registered pesticides can still be used safely without unreasonable risks to the public or environment.

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No changes to naled use are needed, the label contains all of the necessary and approved directions for the safe use and handling of the product. The label updates are not based on the registration review. See the label updates below:

DIBROM® and TRUMPET® EC Label Changes

  1. Defined (manned) aerial applications.
    1. Apply by air using only manned aircraft (Fixed Wing or Rotary).
  2. Defined minimum heights for fixed wing and rotary applications.
    1. For manned Fixed Wing aircraft, apply at a minimum height of 100 feet.
    2. For manned Rotary aircraft, apply at a minimum height of 75 feet.
  3. Modified EPA Precautionary Statements
    1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    2. Pesticide Storage
    3. Pesticide Disposal
  4. Clarified no-mixing/undiluted product throughout label.
  5. Refined Engineering Controls for Aerial applicators (inputs from helicopter pilots)
  6. Added isopropyl alcohol as a flushing agent
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