Combatting Resistance in Mosquitoes – It can be easy as switching trucks mid-season!

Resistance monitoring assays conducted on New Jersey mosquito populations reveal that resistance has been detected to both pyrethroid and organophosphate active ingredients. We want to share a report that shows results of CDC bottle bioassays conducted with New Jersey Ae. albopictus and Cx. restuans since 2017

Results and Key Findings

It’s Not Too Late To Act!

Now is the time to develop and implement resistance management strategies. Did you know that switching between various pyrethroid active ingredients (etofenprox, sumithrin, deltamethrin, resmethrin, prallethrin, permethrin) is NOT a true rotational strategy? These active ingredients, although different, act on the same target site in the mosquito and should be rotated with active ingredients that act on a different target site.

Combatting Resistance in Mosquitoes


Malathion is one of the only organophosphates that can be applied by ground and should be used in rotation with pyrethroids. Fyfanon EW is the new low odor formulation of malathion, now available.

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We have broken down the key findings to help you successfully preserve the effectiveness of your adulticides. Click here to read the full report and download the printable copy. Remember, it’s not too late to prevent the onset of insecticide resistance!

Combatting Resistance in Mosquitoes

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