Mosquito Control

Quick Facts: Mosquito Control

ADAPCO technical sales representatives are working with customers every day to determine which products they can use to help control mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be controlled when they are flying adults and when they are in the larval stage being developed in water sources. Below are some quick facts to summarize how this is done.

Larval Mosquito Surveillance

Larval surveillance is one of the most important aspects of a mosquito control program. With continuous surveillance of larval habitats, mosquito population surges can be predicted and often abated through the well-timed application of larvicides. Additionally, knowledge of mosquito-breeding sites can increase adulticide efficacy because these areas can be selectively targeted before adult mosquitoes disperse to nearby areas.

Suspected breeding areas need to be checked for the presence of mosquito larvae before any control work can begin. Scoop up water from the site and inspect for the presence of mosquito larvae and/or pupae.

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Larval Mosquito Control

It is much easier to control mosquito larvae than it is to control adults. Additionally, larval mosquito control when done properly has very little impact on non-target species and their habitat.

Once you’ve located mosquito larvae it’s time to apply a larvicide. Time is of the essence, depending on the temperature of the water, a mosquito can go from egg to adult in as quickly as 4 days. There are several larvicides commercially available and several different methods for applying them.

Adult Mosquito Surveillance

Adult mosquito surveillance is necessary to determine the relative mosquito populations after a disaster event. Knowing the relative populations around a city, county, or even state can help direct resources and valuable insecticides to the most impacted areas in terms of mosquito populations. By identifying the collections, we can estimate the mosquito’s flight range, risk of mosquito-borne illness, and ultimately improve efficacy of control efforts.

Adult Mosquito Control

If adult mosquito populations have already increased, adult mosquito control should commence as your next line of defense against rising populations. Adulticiding is the application of products into the air to reduce the population of adult mosquitoes. These “adulticides” are usually applied by handheld, ATV/UTV mounted, or truck mounted ULV (Ultra Low Volume) aerosol generators. ADAPCO® provides a variety of sprayers designed to disperse the droplet size needed for proper mosquito control.

When truck applications are not feasible or acreage is too large, aerial adulticiding becomes more effective and efficient. The amount of product applied varies on the product type and active ingredient, but usually is in the range of 1 oz/acre. The act of adulticiding provides immediate temporary control of adult mosquito populations. During a disaster situation, repeated applications may be necessary until breeding habitat is removed or dries.