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The numbers don’t lie with these field-proven larvicides. These don’t match the competition, but beat it outright! When you need to stock up for your spring larvicide missions, try the Valent BioSciences tried and true MetaLarv S-PT and VectoPrime FG products.

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MetaLarv S-PT Controls for up to 42 Days

MetaLarv S-PT is a field-proven (S)-methoprene pellet used to control floodwater mosquitoes for up to 42 days, the longest residual-control pellet on the market. It can also be applied for pre-flood control up to 28 days before a flooding event. In difficult-to-predict flood locations (irrigation fields, pastures, etc.), MetaLarv S-PT is the most advanced option as it can remain effective after flood/dry-down/re-flood events. This is due to the Triple Release Technology, which provides extended release of (S)-methoprene despite challenging weather conditions.

Field Tested Pre-Flood Applications

EI of Aedes vexans after pre-flood ground applications (4 lbs/acre) to floodplains in Minnesota

EI of Aedes vexans after 20 and 41 days pre-flood application (5 lbs/acre) to flood/dry-down/re-flood microcosms in Washington

Clean Formulation

MetaLarv S-PT

MetaLarv™ S-PT was designed to improve (S)-methoprene product handling. MetaLarv’s Triple Release Technology utilizes a non-charcoal UV protectant that eliminates much of the particulate and respirable dust produced by standard (S)-methoprene pellets and sand-based products. This technology substantially reduces worker exposure to dust and keeps equipment cleaner.

VectoPrime FG Reduces Operational Costs

VectoPrime FG is a biological larvicide containing 400 ITUs of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis strain AM65-52 and 0.10% (S)-methoprene and provides complete single-brood control. Each microparticle of VectoPrime FG contains both active ingredients in a specific ratio for consistency in application and results. This product can also be applied up to 14 days pre-flood, which reduces the need to monitor flooding or wait for expected hatching. The double potency of VectoPrime FG allows for significantly lower application rates (approximately 50% reduction), thus reducing operational costs.

Have Some Flexibility with Applying this Single Brood Larvicide

VectoPrime Application Window

BioFuse™ Technology Benefits:

VectoPrime FG
  • Controls all mosquito species
  • Biorational | Not harmful to non-target populations
  • Mosquito Growth Regulator formulation where results can be observed within 24 hours in the field
  • Pre-flood application reduces the need to monitor flooding and wait for expected hatching

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