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Malathion, the active ingredient in Fyfanon, has been used to control mosquitoes in the United States since 1956. Now, Cheminova, Inc., the sole manufacturer of Malathion in the United States and ADAPCO®, LLC have teamed up to rejuvenate this veteran product. Cheminova has granted exclusive Fyfanon distribution rights to ADAPCO®. The two companies intend to investigate new formulations, combination products and delivery systems to enhance the already proven performance of this veteran product.

As an organophosphate (OP) compound, Fyfanon represents a wholly different chemical class than the newer mosquito adulticides, almost all of which belong to the synthetic pyrethroid chemical family. Industry experts strongly recommend rotating chemicals from class to class to reduce resistance build-up in mosquito populations. When over-exposed to a single chemical class, mosquitoes have developed resistance that can greatly reduce product efficacy. ADAPCO® field representatives will be counseling mosquito abatement districts to schedule a Fyfanon application in their adulticide program in accordance with these industry-expert guidelines.

The Fyfanon ultra-low volume (ULV) formulation is applied by well-calibrated ULV sprayers, mounted on trucks or aircraft that dispense very fine aerosol droplets. These droplets float through the air and kill mosquitoes on contact with minimal exposure and risks to people and the environment. According to the EPA “ULV applications involve small quantities of pesticide active ingredient in relation to the size of the area treated.”

ADAPCO® can deliver Fyfanon ULV for Mosquitoes in 5-gallon containers, 55-gallon drums and 260-gallon returnable totes.