Introducing Metalarv® XRP, Your New Go-To Product for Long-Lasting, Consistent Control in Catch Basins

Valent BioSciences has an innovative new formulation, designed specifically for extended residual control of mosquito larvae in catch basins and storm drains. MetaLarv XRP floats upon initial application, so you no longer need to worry about heavy briquets sinking or getting stuck in the sludge.

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The Long-Lasting WSP

MetaLarv XRP comes in a water-soluble pouch, which is malleable fitting in tight spaces and provides immediate release of the active ingredient (S)-methoprene for quick and long-lasting control.

Utilizing Triple Release Technology™ for up to 100 days of control

  1. Initial flash of (S)-methoprene provides immediate control with no dependency on water temperature
  2. Second release of the “micro-briquets” allows for control of multiple broods
  3. Third release ensures control in situations of dry-down in the catch basin and re-flood

Application Consistency with MetaLarv XRP

catch basin larvae

Also labeled for Open Habitats

  • Individually labeled pouches, creating optimal inventory management
  • Provides multiple point sources in a catch basin (vs. one point source for briquets) for CONSISTENT, residual control, application over application

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