Lower Operational Costs and Improve Payload with Larvicide Technology

Valent BioSciences has pioneered in the development of technology to form two advanced larvicides, VectoPrime and MetaLarv, available only through ADAPCO. By choosing one of these cutting-edge products, you can have a proactive approach to larviciding this summer by ground or air, all at a reduced cost.

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Widen Your Application Window and Streamline Your Inventories with One Solution, Choose VectoPrime

VectoPrime is a combination of Bti and (S)-methoprene. Valent’s Biofuse™ technology combines these together to offer the industry’s widest single-brood application window (1st to 4th instar, or pre-flood) with the industry’s lowest rates for direct application to water.

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VectoPrime FG
VectoPrime Pre-Flood Control

Can’t Predict the Weather? Us either – Choose MetaLarv

MetaLarv is made with Valent’s Triple Release Technology™. This provides public health professionals greater flexibility during uncertain weather conditions, with up to 28 days pre-flood application efficacy.

  1. The first release provides an initial flash of (S)-methoprene for immediate control of mosquitoes – and the rate of the release is not dependent on water temperature.
  2. The second release takes place when the floodwaters rise, providing sustained control throughout the duration of the flood.
  3. MetaLarv S-PT remains effective after the waters recede, ready to release (S)-methoprene during the next flooding cycle (third release).
MetaLarv Pre-Flood Control

MetaLarv S-PT

Mosquito Growth Regulator (Pellet)

MetaLarv S-PT
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