Cameron Parish Mosquito Abatement District in Cameron, Louisiana covers a total area of about 1,441 square miles, the most of any parish in the state, comprised mostly of prime mosquito breeding grounds. In a presentation entitled, “Marsh Mosquito Mayhem Made Easy”, Josh Hightower, director of Cameron Parish MAD, educated the Louisiana Mosquito Control Association on the ways his district benefits from using ADAPCO®’s GeoPro Data Center.

“Having a small work force and very major mosquito problems, things can get a little crazy. Data entry was nearly non-existent until we got GeoPro,” says Hightower.

GeoPro is a web-based data management program that allows Hightower’s team to upload records for landing rates, surveillance, treatments, service requests and weather data into the GeoPro website with unlimited storage capacity. The parish’s records remain secure; can be accessed remotely from any location; and are easily mapped for the ability to quickly access data and generate reports.

Hightower cites these features and benefits as his primary reasons for choosing GeoPro:

  1. Maintain accurate records and store data for NPDES permit requirements;
  2. Access surveillance records in real time from any location, allowing supervisors to easily schedule all spraying activities in a timely matter;
  3. Eliminate storm evacuation worries with fewer records to evacuate at the threat of a hurricane;
  4. Compatibility with Monitor4 GPS systems that were already installed in each of the district’s spray trucks; and
  5. Keep less paperwork!

Hightower’s most useful feature has been his ability to view real-time data from any location, whether “in the office or fishing on Big Lake!” His inspectors have ditched the paperwork and now carry handheld units in the field, so as soon as the’ve completed surveillance, treatments, service requests, trap collections or weather recording, they can sync it so it’s instantly available in GeoPro’s website. “I can see what’s going on as soon as it’s happening” says Hightower, which has made the parish much more efficient. Before GeoPro, inspectors often had 100-mile round trip routes, so by the time they’d return to the office with surveillance records, spraying could not begin until the afternoon. Now that Hightower can keep track of data in real time, he is able to complete most spray plans each morning, which also enables more timely response to public complaints.

To track the parish’s ground adulticiding and aerial treatments, GeoPro makes report generation easy, with the capability to transform all entered data into informative graphs and reports. Hightower recalls, “In the past, we used paper records for everything — we never had time to make databases or spreadsheets. Now we’ve gone from a filing cabinet full of papers down to hardly any paperwork. Everything is in GeoPro — we have good data, easy-to-find records and we can generate any report. It’s made our parish much more efficient.”

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