ADAPCO® has over 30 years of experience controlling flying insect vectors, including biting midges. Culicoides midges, also known as “no-see-ums”, transmit epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus (EHDV) and bluetongue virus (BTV) in deer and other ruminants. These viruses are detrimental to the sheep and deer industries causing a significant number of deaths in an outbreak. These detrimental viruses can be best managed by implementation of control strategies against the vector, the adult females of Culicoides midges. These control strategies may include the use of ultra low volume (ULV) applications of EPA approved insecticides. These applications can be made using precision-based ULV equipment and technology, like the Guardian 55es. Residual applications of insecticides can also be made to shelters and other animal housing facilities to protect your livestock.

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Products We Recommend

This ready-to-use formulation contains additional PBO, which enhances the activity of the product. This results in quicker, more effective knockdown of the Culicoides midge vectors that can harm your livestock. You can easily pump this product directly from the jug into the Guardian 55es Sprayer. The easiest and most effective solution ADAPCO offers!


The ADAPCO Guardian 55es ULV Sprayer is just what you need to spray your piece of land. It’s perfect for covering an area up to 25 acres and can fit in the back of an ATV! Looking for something larger? We have a full line of Guardian Sprayers that will meet your specific needs.

More treatment products…

  • PermaSease 31-67: Concentrated formulation with enhanced activity from PBO. Apply undiluted or diluted with mineral oil. Effective for ULV and barrier treatments.
  • PermaSease 4-4: Ready-to-use formulation that can be quickly utilized for ULV and barrier applications with no dilution needed.
  • For more barrier treatment options, check out Wisdom TC and Cyzmic CS. Labeled for midges and a variety of other pests.

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