Pre-Season Prep 101

Right now is a good time to prepare for the mosquito season so that you aren’t caught with low chemical inventory or dead batteries when you need them the most. Take some time to consider the following pre-season checklist to make sure your transition into the busy part of the mosquito season is a well-prepared transition.

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Preparing your ULV Sprayer

There are many things you can do to keep your ULV sprayer running like the day you bought it. We make it easy with our checklist. Get the printable version here.

ULV Sprayer Printable Version

Annual Engine Maintenance

  1. Drain and clean fuel tanks
  2. Inspect and replace fuel lines
  3. Grease & change oil in low pressure blowers
  4. Replace air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs
  5. Inspect engine wiring and battery terminals

Annual Pump Maintenance

  1. Clean chemical tanks
  2. Inspect and replace chemical lines and fittings as required

50 Hour Engine Maintenance

  1. Change oil and replace oil filter
  2. Inspect air filter
  3. Clean engine and cooling fins
  4. Clean battery terminals and change if required

50 Hour Pump Maintenance

  1. Clean chemical filters and orifices
  2. Inspect flush solenoids
  3. Verify flow rates

Pump Maintenance

  1. Flush Organophosphates after each use
  2. Flush Synthetic pyrethroids periodically
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Preseason Training: Train new employees and re-train the regular staff in the areas of new products, new technologies, and procedures.

Information: Make sure you locate all the “new” labels for all the products that you are using. There were changes in many labels over the last year. It’s up to you to have the most current information. Pay particular attention to the section on the labels for PPE.

Communication with the Public: Remind all employees of their role when they encounter the inquisitive public. Provide your staff with informational brochures with contact information that they can leave with clients.

First Aid Kits: Make sure you go through your first aid kits and replenish supplies that may have been used during the previous year.

Repellent for Workers: For those employees who are not conducting landing counts, make sure they have insect repellents in their toolbox. If you have an employee …continue reading

Download the full version here.

Springtime Prep 101

Batteries: Check batteries in all field equipment that require them, including aspirators, light traps, flashlights, radios, cell phones.

Insect Traps: Clean all the insect traps and check your inventory of CO2. Look for breaks in the covers and fans, tears in the collection bags, and check the electrical connections.

Communication Systems: Take a fresh look at your communication plan. Are you using the best technology matched to your program needs? As well as checking the batteries and chargers, look for worn connectors or electrical shorts that might rob you of the ability to communicate with your employees in the field.

Equipment Checklists: Use the manufacturers’ recommended checklists for equipment including vehicles, sprayers, larviciding rigs, foggers, etc. Make sure that everyone who uses the equipment knows how important it is to maintain it correctly.

Pesticide Stewardship: In your pesticide storage area, make sure that all SDS sheets are readily available. Check the integrity and the security of the area to make sure the supplies are properly secured …continue reading

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