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A1 Super Duty


The A1 Super Duty larvicide sprayer combines high volumes of air, with low volumes of finely atomized liquid larvicide, to efficiently treat a wide variety of mosquito breeding sites. All Super Duty models ship complete, (no battery) and require a few short steps to set-up. Its integrated design also allows more versatility with your fleet as a dedicated vehicle is not required.

Where and When to Use A1 Super Duty:

The A1 Super Duty larvicide sprayer is a powerful tool in your fight against mosquitoes. Equipped with an atomizer attachment, this sprayer is designed to provide a uniform spray throughout your application. The attachment atomizes the droplets to a size between 80-100 microns. It includes an easy to use wireless remote which controls the fan rotation, throttle, liquid and the kill switch. Use this sprayer with proven Valent BioSciences larvicides for an accurate and efficient treatment.


  • 100 gallon Polyethylene Tank
  • 20 hp Twin Cylinder Electric Start Honda GX 630 Engine
  • Belt Driven 6 Roller Cast Iron Pump
  • Electric 19.5” Industrial Grade Fan with 210° Right to Left Rotation
  • Heavy Duty 10-gauge Steel Frame
  • The A1 Super Duty has a 4-nozzle Canon Volute
  • Forklift Compatible Frame
  • Easy to Use Wireless Remote (Fan Rotation, Throttle, Liquid & Kill Switch)
  • Atomizer Volute Attachment


Dimensions: 72" x 42" x 80", 650 lbs

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