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AccuFlow 4


The Accuflow 4 is an onboard system designed to control truck mounted spray applications for mosquito control. ADAPCO’s Accuflow 4 provides an easy-to-use interface to ensure you are always dispensing an accurate amount of insecticide proportionate to your ground speed in real time.

Built on a professional-grade embedded platform, Accuflow 4 provides full functional control of the ULV sprayer as well as valuable visual and audible feedback to the driver. Automated sprayer controls include engine on/off/choke, spray on/off, flush, and both variable flow and manual fixed flow modes.


  • Visual and audible controls- Driver awareness
  • Closed-Loop variable flow control- reduce driver fatigue, treat more acres in less time, eliminate over- and underdosing, and ensure applications are within label rates
  • Configurable with SD-Card and Accuflow 4 Setup Utility
  • Password protected drive profiles
  • Expandable- Accuflow 4 system can easily be upgraded to record and report spray mission data and more
  • Universal- plug-and-play with Guardian ULV sprayers and easily adaptable to any gas engine sprayer brand
  • Compatible with Frontier Precision’s FieldSeeker GIS software

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