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Whether you are spraying pesticides or fighting forest fires, local weather conditions aloft can tremendously affect the cost, efficacy, and the safety of what you do. The ability to accurately define and forecast such local conditions depends on the quality of available upper-air data. Because of this, local weather measurements are key; and, using operational aircraft resources to do the job makes the process cost efficient. The AIMMS-30 is your weather-sensing solution to measure such mission-critical data on-board existing aircraft and deliver it either to the cockpit or to ground personnel using satellite telemetry.

AIMMS-30 is Aventech’s third generation wind measurement system which is capable of providing accurate GPS, inertial rates, air-data and meteorological data.

Airborne measurement is complicated by the high speed of motion through the air. Wind measurement is an especially challenging problem as the aircraft is moving many times faster than the wind to be resolved. Very precise measurements of air-motion, aircraft velocity and orientation are thus required to derive wind speed with an accuracy of 1 knot (0.5 m/s). This unparalleled precision has been made possible by fusing advanced GPS and inertial technologies, three-dimensional airflow measurement together with advanced correction for aerodynamic errors.

AIMMS-30 Technical Brochure

Where and When to Use AIMMS-30:

  • Aerial application of pesticides
  • Wind data critical for monitoring off-target drift potential
  • Spray optimization (flight line offsets taking wind drift into account to improve targeting of spray)


  • AIMMS-30 provides real-time measurement of mean winds and RMS turbulence metrics
  • Provides temperature, humidity and pressure data
  • Includes output of high-precision aircraft attitude data (bank angle, pitch angle and true heading)
  • Full support for aerodynamic calibration to minimize the time and effort necessary to analyze flight-calibration data
  • Unrivaled price-performance ratio for airborne meteorological observation
  • Easily integrated with other data systems, or it operates independently using an internal data log

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