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Active Ingredient:

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Packaging: 8x1 qt bottle


AVESTA CS is a controlled-release insecticide with active ingredient Lambda-cyhalothrin. It also comes packed with the kinds of perks that keep customers happy and bugs dead. Ideal for quarterly service, AVESTA® CS is low odor, delivers a quick kill, and features microencapsulation for a long residual.

Where and When to Use AVESTA CS:

  • General surface (nonfood/nonfeed areas), crack and crevice, or spot treatment in, on and around buildings and structures and immediate surroundings. Also labeled for lawn and ornamental applications.
  • Indoor and outdoor applications


  • Low odor and quick kill with long residual
  • Microencapsulated
  • IRAC Group 3 insecticide
  • Easy measure packaging

Mode of Action:

A broad-spectrum insecticide, AVESTA CS is a unique formulation which is a proprietary blend of ingredients for use with the active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin. Its ability to control a variety of pests—such as mosquitos, ants, cockroaches, spiders, flies, ticks and other listed pests—make it an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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