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Bullet Hand Fogger

Bullet Hand Fogger


Bullet Hand Carry Fogger offers 4-Cycle convenience in a lightweight portable unit. Gone are the days of mixing oil and gas and frustrating yanks on the starter rope. The fuel priming system makes starting really easy. Usually one or two gentle pulls of the start rope and the Bullet will rev into action. The 358 CFM blower causes particles to virtually disappear with a powerful air stream, and makes the Bullet much less obtrusive than similar units. The best news is that the Fogger is one of the most economical units of its kind. With up to 60 minutes of runtime on every tank of gas, you save on fuel and oil. Don’t stop there because, with it’s low cost of acquisition, the Bullet starts saving from day one.

Where and When to Use Bullet Hand Fogger:

Outdoor spot treatments. Apply when mosquitoes are most active. Good for barrier applications.


  • 4-Cycle Power by Makita
  • No Mixing of Gas & Oil
  • 145 MPH/358 CFM Blower
  • Easy Start Engine
  • Up To 60 Minutes Of Run Time Per Tank Of Gas
  • Simple Operation of the Bullet fogger
  • Heavy Duty Polyethylene Chemical Tank
  • 17 Ounce Chemical Capacity
  • Dispenses Oil or Water Based Chemicals
  • Bullet Fogger is Lightweight
  • Stainless Steel & Brass Nozzle
  • Chemical Resistant Tubing Throughout

Dimensions: 15.5"L X 11.5"W X 15"H, 13.25lbs

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