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BVA 13 ULV Oil

BVA 13 ULV Oil


Active Ingredient:

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Product Specs: Highly Refined Mineral Oil Base Stock

Packaging: 5 gl pail, 50 gl dr, 55 gl dr, 275 gl tote, Bulk


BVA 13 ULV Oil is an effective ULV diluent oil that is compatible with all pesticide active agents. BVA 13 is clear to white, odor free, and non-toxic. BVA 13 is considered one of the top “brands” in professional mosquito control when it comes to diluent oils.

Where and When to Use BVA 13 ULV Oil:

BVA 13 is used to dilute concentrated pesticide products, such as most mosquito control adulticide products to achieve the desired dilution rate customized for any aerial or ground application. It is commonly used for ground and aerial ULV applications of Permethrin, Resmethrin, Natural Pyrethrum and other concentrated mosquito adulticides.


  • BVA 13 ULV Oil is a light grade petroleum oil that is clear to opaque in appearance which may be used as a diluent for most mosquito control adulticides and on certain specified crops.
  • Widely known product that is consistent in viscosity, free from excessive contaminants and debris which may cause damage to ULV systems.
  • BVA 13 is a low odor product that has a very discrete profile.
  • Registered for use as a solvent for mosquito control products with the EPA

Mode of Action:

BVA 13 acts as an inert diluent to allow for different mix and application ratios of other active pesticide products.

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