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BVA Maximum Flushing Solution

BVA Maximum Flushing Solution


Active Ingredient:

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Product Specs: Refined petroleum distillate

Packaging: 5 gl pail, 55 gl dr


BVA Maximum Flushing Solution is specially formulated for flushing ULV machines. It thoroughly cleans pumps, valves and lines by dissolving residue left from ULV applications.

Where and When to Use BVA Maximum Flushing Solution:

BVA Maximum Flushing Solution is to be utilized in ULV systems to periodically flush and clean from the chemical tank to the nozzle. It may also be used to fill the pump and system before prolonged storage. Dispose of rinsate according to chemical label directions.

As part of ADAPCO’s ULV & Calibration Maintenance Schedule – it is recommended as part of pump maintenance on sprayers to Flush organophosphates after each use, and synthetic pyrethroids periodically. BVA Maximum Flushing Solution is the product we recommend as part of this maintenance to keep your ULV sprayers running effectively and efficiently throughout the year.


  • Solution has a pleasant odor
  • Dissolves insecticide residues and sludge deposits
  • When cleaning, it forms an anti-corrosion barrier on all metallic and non-metallic surfaces
  • When using Maximum Flushing Solution you should follow the equipment manufacturer’s directions for cleaning and dispensing the solution

Mode of Action:

BVA Maximum Flush acts as a solvent to clean out lines, valves, and tanks on ULV foggers after use of other oil based pesticide products.

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