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ADAPCO®’s patented Concentrated Insecticide Injection System (CIIS) is a dual pump mixing station created to ensure that you pump the correct chemical concentration every time. Designed to take the guess work out of mixing and keep you safe from handling chemical concentrate.

Where and When to Use CIIS:

The Concentrated Insecticide Injection System (CIIS) system is intended for use with a 30- or 55-gallon drum of concentrate. Installation and calibration are simple, and maintenance is minimal. Operators then simply pull up their vehicles and squeeze the handle to begin use. Simple, easy, and accurate.


  • CIIS is the first system that creates accurate proportions of concentrated products with either water or oil, reducing concerns of proper mixing of concentrated products
  • No buying, storing, or mixing of oil or water including handling of diluent drums.
  • CIIS improves worker safety by eliminating chemical exposure.
  • System is easy to install, maintain and use.
  • Injector hooks up to any water source.
  • Simple, accurate calibration.
  • Injector turns concentrate into ready-to-use instantly.
  • Reduces concerns with improper pesticide proportioning.

Mode of Action:

The CIIS injector simply pumps the concentrated product mixed perfectly with water or oil into your sprayer. There is no exposure to chemical for workers using this method.

Dimensions: 32 1/2" x 25" x 72"

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