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D-Fense SC

D-Fense SC

Active Ingredient:


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Product Specs: 4.75% Deltamethrin

Packaging: 12x1 pint/case, 4x1 gallon/case


D-Fense SC Insecticide is a concentrated suspension of pure microcrystals of the active ingredient Deltamethrin. D-Fense SC is odorless and safe around kids and pets when used as directed. This all around barrier spray insecticide provides a 2-3 month residual for long-term insect control.

Where and When to Use D-Fense SC:

For use in and around residential and commercial buildings, including food handling areas, as well as on turf and landscape ornamental plants.


  • Controls ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, silverfish, spiders and many other listed pests
  • Safe for use on paints, plastics, fabrics and other surfaces
  • May be used as mattress and broadcast application for bed bugs and lice

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