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EverGreen 60-6

EverGreen 60-6


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Product Specs: 6% Pyrethrin, 60% Piperonyl Butoxide

Packaging: 5 gl pail, 30 gl dr, 55 gl dr, 275 gl returnable tote


EverGreen 60-6 (Once known as EverGreen 7448) is a synergized pyrethrin formulation for ULV adulticide applications. The emulsifiable concentrate contains 0.5 lb pyrethrin and 5 lb of synergist (PBO) per gallon, which provides the highest pyrethrin to PBO ratio of 1:10. Labeled for aerial and ground ULV treatment, the concentration and specific gravity make this formulation an ideal choice where organophosphate or pyrethroid resistance is a concern. EverGreen EC 60-6 is an option for use in product rotation for resistance management.

Where and When to Use EverGreen 60-6:

Evergreen 60-6 is approved for urban, rural, residential, agricultural areas, cropland, wetland, recreational areas, etc. Very broad range of use sites. No crop restrictions, however, not certified for organic crops.

Do not apply more than 0.2 lbs pyrethrin/acre/year or 2.0 lbs PBO/acre/year


  • Contains pyrethrins, a botanical insecticide
  • EverGreen Mosquito Adulticide EC 60-6 targets mosquitoes within harborage and hiding areas to maximize contact with ULV cloud for controlling mosquito infestations
  • Water-based concentrate provides Mosquito Abatement Districts with the ability to adjust AI concentration
  • For use over growing crops, ornamentals or agricultural areas

Mode of Action:

EverGreen 60-6 contains Pyrethrin, which affects the sodium channel at the nerve axon, which interferes with the nerve function causing repeated and extended misfiring of nerve impulses, causing quick paralysis and knockdown. PBO has no insecticidal activity, but has synergistic properties when combined with pyrethrin. The synergist interferes with insects’ ability to metabolize pyrethrin, thus allowing less pyrethrin to be required to produce mortality.

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