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Fyfanon EW


Active Ingredient:

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Product Specs: 40.9% Malathion

Packaging: 2x2.5 gal/case, 30 gal/drum


Fyfanon EW contains odor reducing technology and is the first low odor malathion adulticide. This water-based emulsion can be applied undiluted or diluted with water as an effective spray against adult mosquitoes.

Where and When to Use Fyfanon EW:

  • Ideally suited for rotation with pyrethroid adulticides as part of your resistance management program
  • Apply by vehicle-mounted, backpack or portable sprayers
  • Use rate: .03 to .06 lbs malathion per acre


  • Water-based emulsion. (Apply undiluted or diluted with water)
  • Fyfanon EW contains 40.9% (3.67 lbs per gallon) malathion
  • Low odor: contains odor-reducing technology
  • Formulated to produce desired droplet size spectrum from standard ULV sprayers

Malathion Comparative Acute Toxicities (LD50)

Fyfanon EW Malathion

An LD50 is a measure of toxicity. The longer the LD50 bar, the lower the toxicity. Compared to the active ingredient in other leading mosquito control products.

Fyfanon EW Side-by-Side Trail

Fyfanon offers superior efficacy against field populations of mosquitoes.

Fyfanon vs. Zenivex vs. Duet vs. DeltaGard

Data Source: Benton County (WA) Mosquito Control District, 2018
Zenivex is a registered trademark of Wellmark International. Duet is a registered trademark of Clarke Mosquito Control Products, Inc. DeltaGard is a registered trademark of Bayer.

Mode of Action:

Malathion has been registered for use in the US since 1956. Is it used in agriculture to control many types of insects, home use, and public health pest control programs for controlling mosquito-borne illnesses. The EPA lists Malathion as part of an integrated overall strategy to control mosquitoes.  Fyfanon EW is an adulticide, used to kill adult mosquitoes.

90% of  overall malathion used in mosquito adulticide applications are made by ground application. However, in situations of heavy mosquito presence across large geographic areas, aerial application is an important method of application. Less than 1% of spraying for mosquitoes is malathion aerial spray.


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