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GeoTracker Pro is a desktop-based mission management and mapping system, which provides operational and data management for ADAPCO® Monitor systems. GeoTracker Pro is essential to the preparation, analysis, and record keeping of mission critical data.

Where and When to Use GeoTracker Pro:

GeoTracker Pro users will find simplicity and ease of use in the desktop application, which integrates historical and current spray mission data. Other features include automated replay, mission history search for responding to location-specific inquiries, and more! All trip data recorded by your Monitor system is seamlessly integrated and displayed over detailed street maps, powered by Google. The Monitor line and GeoTracker Pro provide an unparalleled foundation for managing your mosquito control spray operations.


  • Complete post-event analysis of recorded vehicle activity: vehicle location, speed, spray on/off status, and spray volumes
  • Cohesive integration of Google Maps geolocation capabilities for mission/trip display and search functions
  • Create user defined “sites of interest” or “no spray zones”
  • Integrated report generation
  • Import options: SD storage card & reader (Monitor 4S), USB (Monitor 5), or wireless download (PLD – Parking Lot Download)
  • No prior GIS experience needed
  • Works seamlessly with Monitor 4S, Monitor 5, and Monitor LT2
  • Supported by Windows 7 and above

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