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ADAPCO Guardian 190G4

ADAPCO Guardian 190G4


The Guardian 190G4 is an economical powerhouse that defines the new industry standard for high-end ground spray application. This advanced spray system is outfitted with the highest quality components and key features to handle demanding professional applications. Featuring a 19 HP electronic fuel-injected Kohler engine, and a 3-Year Best in Class Limited Warranty, the Guardian 190G4 raises the bar for reliability and performance.


Size: 19 HP

Where and When to Use ADAPCO Guardian 190G4:

Use the Guardian 190G4 for truck mounted ULV applications whenever & wherever mosquitoes or other flying insect control is needed at an attractive price.


  • 3-Year Best in Class Limited Warranty
  • 19 HP commercial quality twin cylinder Kohler engine
  • Closed Loop Electronic Fuel Injection
  • 350 cfm high output blower
  • High performance VAAT nozzle
  • 12-gallon fuel tank
  • FMI-QB series pesticide pumps
  • Accessible pump location for easy calibration and maintenance
  • Electric throttle and choke
  • Fixed flow and true variable flow options are available
  • Compatible with ADAPCO’s entire line of variable flow control systems.

Mode of Action:

Click here to access the ULV Calibration & Maintenance Schedule we have created to keep your Guardian 190G4 running like new each season.

You will be able to see what you need to do for:

Dimensions: 47"L x 40"W x 30"H, 490 lbs.

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