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ADAPCO Guardian 55es

ADAPCO Guardian 55es


The ADAPCO Guardian 55es is the best solution for flying insect control on a small scale. Perfectly sized to spray golf courses, barn & stable areas, neighborhoods, and other low output applications, the 55es is designed to be light weight with a space saving footprint. With an all aluminum construction, one person can easily load this machine for quick spray trips to control nuisance pests wherever needed.


Size: 5.5 hp

Where and When to Use ADAPCO Guardian 55es:

Use the Guardian 55es for utility vehicle or golf cart mounted applications whenever & wherever mosquito or other flying insect control is needed for low volume spraying on a very small scale & where portability is a must.


  • All aluminum construction
  • 5.5 hp commercial quality Honda engine
  • Aluminum compressor with cast iron cylinder, pressure gauge
  • 2.5 gal formulation tank or drop in a 2.5 gal RTU jug with included cap & pickup tube
  • Flow rates adjustable with stainless steel orifice disks on the ADAPCO Guardian 55es

Mode of Action:

Click here to to access the ULV Calibration & Maintenance Schedule we have created to keep your Guardian 55es running like new each season. Here you can make sure you do the following tasks correctly:

  • 50 hours of service on your engine
  • Annual engine maintenance
  • Pump maintenance
  • 50 hour pump maintenance
  • Annual pump maintenance
  • Winterization (in cold climates)

Dimensions: 35"L x 16"W x 17"H, 85 lbs

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