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Maruyama MM181 Mister

Maruyama MM181 Mister


The Maruyama MM181 is a powerful, portable fogger / mist blower with superior weight balance for ease of use, handling and comfort. Low vibration and sound ratings with a commercial grade 64.7 cc engine. This sprayer has a 5-level dial for precise misting control and does not have top-heavy tank weight. A five year commercial warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

The optional ULV-FFB FOGGER Attachment for the MM181 is an excellent tool to help alleviate the spread and control of disease-causing mosquitoes. This forward-facing fogger produces droplets which have long hang times above water, dense brush, etc., thus eliminating more flying insects than sprayers do.

Where and When to Use Maruyama MM181 Mister:

The Maruyama MM181 is great for outdoor pest control. As always, read and follow label directions of product being applied.


  • Maruyama MM181 is efficient, low-vibration unit
  • Capable of reaching heights of more than 36 feet and 45 feet horizontally
  • Compact design allows for 3.4 gallons of application chemical
  • The unit weighs 24 pounds empty
  • Low decibel level is a comfortable 74.7 DBA
  • The ergonomic tank design and thick padded straps allow the operator the security of a well-balanced product
  • Droplet size on the Maruyama MM181 is certified sub-25 micron
  • Fuel tank capacity: 2.0 liters

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