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Maruyama MM300 Mister

Maruyama MM300 Mister


The Maruyama MM300 is a powerful, lightweight mister / blower with superior weight balance for ease of use, handling and comfort. It is very effective at misting for fertilizing lawns, gardens and crops as well as for mosquito and insect control as a fogger. Low vibration & sound with the commercial-grade 30.1 cc Maruyama engine. The sprayer functions as a blower when the tank is empty. When the tank is full, it provides even distribution of chemicals. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. A five year commercial warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

The optional ULV-FFB FOGGER Attachment for the MM300 is an excellent tool to help alleviate the spread and control of disease-causing mosquitoes. This forward-facing fogger produces Certified SUB-25 droplets which have long hang times above water, dense brush, etc., thus eliminating more flying insects than sprayers do.

Where and When to Use Maruyama MM300 Mister:

The Maruyama MM300 is great for indoor pests (bedbugs, roaches, etc.) or outdoor pest control. As always, read and follow label directions of chemical you are applying.


  • Maruyama MM300 provides even distribution of chemicals
  • Pistol throttle control
  • Standard nozzle droplet test: SMD = 55-64 micron
  • Ideal for mosquito and insect control as well as fertilizing lawns, gardens, and crops
  • Can be used as a blower when the tank is empty

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