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MetaLarv® S-PT


Active Ingredient:

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Product Specs: (S)-Methoprene 4.25%

Packaging: 40 lb/bag


MetaLarv S-PT is a biorational pre-hatch insecticide for control of mosquito larvae in floodwater areas. It features the active ingredient (S)-methoprene — a juvenile hormone analog of mosquitoes that prevents the emergence of adult mosquitoes.

Where and When to Use MetaLarv® S-PT:

MetaLarv S-PT is a non-dusty, spherical pellet formulation that provides effective coverage at low rates and delivers consistent, predictable flight paths in aerial applications.

Use lower application rates when water is shallow, vegetation and/or pollution are minimal, and mosquito populations are low. Use higher rates when water is deep (>2 ft/0.61 m), vegetation, pollution, and/or organic debris or water flow are high, and mosquito populations are high. Application of MetaLarv S-PT to sites subject to high organic pollution and water flow or exchange will diminish the product’s effectiveness.

Features of MetaLarv:

  • Effective emergence inhibition of mosquitoes in floodwater habitats
  • Spherical pellet formulation
  • Triple Release Technology™
  • Non-dusty formulation
  • Non-charcoal UV protectant

Benefits of MetaLarv:

  • Greater application flexibility
  • Improved coverage at low rates
  • Greater aerial swath in tests conducted
  • Can be applied up to 28 days prior to flood
  • 30–42 days residual in floodwater habitats
  • Remains effective after flood/dry-down/re-flood event
  • Less respirable and particulate dust

Mode of Action:

With its exclusive Triple Release TechnologyTM, MetaLarv S-PT provides an initial flash of (S)-methoprene for immediate control of mosquitoes — and the rate of flash is not dependent on water temperature. The second release takes place when the floodwaters rise, providing sustained control. The third release remains effective after the waters recede, ready to release (S)-methoprene during the next flooding cycle.

(S)-methoprene, the active ingredient in MetaLarv S-PT is an insect growth regulator that acts as a mimic of the natural juvenile hormone (JH) in mosquitoes. In nature, the JH works together with the molting hormone to determine the outcome of each molt (i.e., growth stage). High concentrations of JH are needed for immature larvae to grow and molt into larger larval stages (instars). Low concentrations of JH are required during the last larval stage (4th instar) prior to the larval-to-pupal molt, and the JH must be essentially zero in the pupae before metamorphosis can occur. Since JH levels must be extremely low for 4th instars to pupate, and near zero for pupae to emerge into adults, applications (or presence) of (S)-methoprene during these sensitive stages produce morphological abnormalities in the mosquitoes that, in most cases, lead to death during or after metamorphosis. Early instar larvae that are exposed to the (S)-methoprene in MetaLarv S-PT develop normally until they reach the pupal stage. (S)-methoprene has little effect on mosquitoes that have already reached the pupal or adult stage. Species belonging to the genera Aedes, Ochlerotatus, and Anopheles are the most susceptible to (S)-methoprene, whereas Culex species are less sensitive.

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