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MetaLarv® XRP


MetaLarv XRP Mosquito Growth Regulator is a biorational, extended release pouch for pre-hatch & standing water control of mosquito larvae in catch basins & drainage systems. It features 4.25% (S)-methoprene — a juvenile hormone analog of mosquitoes that prevents the emergence of adult mosquitoes and utilizes Valent BioSciences’ proprietary Triple Release Technology™.

Utilizing Valent BioSciences’ Triple Release Technology, MetaLarv XRP provides an initial flash of (S)-methoprene for immediate control of mosquitoes — and the rate of flash is not dependent on water temperature. The second release occurs in standing water and unlike briquet formulations, initial floating of XRP ensures product does not immediately get propelled into catch basin sludge upon application. The third release ensures multiple point-source coverage for consistent control, providing public health professionals on average 90 – 100 days of residual control in catch basins under typical environmental conditions.

MetaLarv XRP Application Rates

MetaLarv XRP for closed habitats

Suggested use rate for “closed” habitats such as catch basins, storm drains, and similar habitats is one (1) MetaLarv XRP. Re-apply as needed.

MetaLarv XRP for open habitats

Suggested use rate for “open” habitats is one (1) MetaLarv XRP for 100 square feet of treatment area. Re-apply as needed.

Application Flexibility

MetaLarv XRP is an extended release water-soluble pouch containing 18 grams of MetaLarv® S-PT. The formulation is ideal for treatment of catch basins and other breeding sites for mosquitoes where placement applications provide value:

Features Benefits
Biorational mosquito larvicide Not harmful to non-target populations
Triple Release Technology™ – (1) immediate, (2) delayed and (3) sustained active ingredient release
  • Application flexibility in both direct-to-water and pre-hatch applications
  • Releases activity immediately in water to ensure initial brood control
  • Consistent release profile regardless of water temperature for peace of mind early in the season
  • Remains effective after dry-down/re-flood event
90-100 days of residual control in catch basins
  • Reduced number of applications needed relative to other pouch options
  • Reduced need to monitor flooding
Non-dusty, non-charcoal UV protectant formulation
  • Eliminates cleanup of PPE
  • Less respirable and particulate dust
Easy to apply and initially floats on water surface
  • Malleable, slips into tight catch basin spots
  • Unlike briquet formulations, initial floating of XRP ensures product does not immediately get propelled into catch basin sludge upon application
Initial surface area of XRP is ~ 5 times larger than traditional briquet formulations. After exposed to water, surface area increases exponentially* Provides multiple point sources in a catch basin (vs. one point source for briquets) for CONSISTENT, residual control, application over application

*Calculations based on comparison to standard (S)-methoprene XR Briquet products

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