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Monitor 5 is a GPS based variable flow pump and sprayer control system; with full application recording, complimented by GeoTracker Pro GIS data management & reporting software. Built on a professional-grade advanced quad-core mobile platform, the Monitor 5 has a powerful graphical user interface. Replacing the multi-function pendants used with previous generations of the Monitor family, the Monitor 5 graphical user interface provides touch-screen input for control of all functions during the spray mission.


Where and When to Use Monitor 5:

Monitor 5 is designed for vehicles applying chemicals proportionate to ground speed. It accurately controls liquid flow volumes dispensed using FMI-QB series chemical pumps to ensure a more consistent and economical EPA-conforming ULV pesticide application.

Monitor 5 also integrates complete control of all engine functions of most ULV aerosol generators. Multi-GNSS GPS technology allows the Monitor 5 to monitor and record all vehicle and application activity for full accountability of adult mosquito control operations.

Using the powerful graphical user interface the Monitor 5 allows for touch-screen input for control of all functions, The Monitor 5 requests the driver’s passcode, initiates a new trip, and begins the recording of all vehicle locations and application data. During the trip, drivers can monitor systems parameters, view running flow data and change between manual or variable flow modes. All trip data is stored on a removable memory card and ready for transfer into ADAPCO®’s GeoTracker Pro GIS software anytime. Transfer options include the simple use of the provided USB or wireless “parking lot download”. GeoTracker Pro displays detailed mission data over hybrid street maps for animated playback and analysis.


Powerful graphical user interface moving map interface built on a professional-grade advanced quad-core mobile platform that provides:

  • Graphical representation of the current vehicle location
  • Graphical illustration of the track and spray on/off status during the trip
  • Ability to identify “Sites of Interest” and No Spray Areas
  • A control interface that manages all aspects of spray system operation and calibration
  • A chemical formulation tank level indicator.
  • 1 GHz Quad-Core ARM Processor on Linux OS: Fast processing, tighter and more responsive pump control loop, and reliable operating platform
  • Password Protection: Security, the wrong person cannot utilize the system with PIN #.
  • Multi-GNSS GPS: Greater accuracy and sensitivity and able to utilize not only the standard GPS signal, but also Glonass, Galileo and QZSS as well.
  • USB Card: Greater memory capacity and records more data and easier to access.
  • Wireless downloading optional: No need to have someone bring in each USB, the Monitor 5 can automate this process through a wireless network automatically
  • Variable flow control: Allows for more coverage of treatment in the same amount of time as a fixed rate application. Ensures proper amounts of product are dispensed at all speeds.

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