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Monitor LT2


Monitor LT2 (Larvicide Tracking)  is designed for professional mosquito control and herbicide applicators. It is a versatile, intelligent and affordable way to perform accurate monitoring and detailed reporting of high-volume applications.

Monitor LT2 is paired with GeoTracker Pro software from ADAPCO® to deliver simplified record keeping, including a detailed usage summary to ensure accurate reporting of chemicals used by location. Supervisors have a visual map and treatment mission replay to verify applications and maximize operational efficiencies.

The Monitor LT2 is in compliance with NPDES by providing documented GPS-logged application data, including application sites, time and the amount of chemical applied. Users have protected liability exposure by tracking the vehicle and providing indisputable data of fleet locations and activities.

Where and When to Use Monitor LT2:

The Monitor LT2 is an on-board GPS based system. It performs detailed vehicle location and event recording and reporting. It is designed for a wide range of specialty application spray systems. This system is the perfect product for businesses that insist on knowing where their application equipment is and what it is doing at all times. The primary event monitoring objective for Monitor LT2 is the application of a product that flows at a predetermined rate.


  • Storage up to 32GB on SD cards
  • High-precision GPS recording
  • Reliable operating platform
  • Compatible with FMI pumps
  • Works with any sprayer that has an electrical signal and inline flow switch for spray on/off
  • Compatible with any sprayer rated for flow rates of 0.5 gal/min and higher

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