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Moskito Care


Active Ingredient:

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Product Specs: 20% Picaridin

Packaging: 12x4 oz case, 100x.71 oz case


Moskito Care is a DEET-free insect repellent that is safe to use on the face and bodies of all ages. This water resistant lotion spray is long lasting and provides protection against mosquitoes and ticks which may transmit West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, Dengue, Zika and Lyme disease. The active ingredient in this mosquito repellent is Picaridin.

Where and When to Use Moskito Care:

  • Safe to use on face and body
  • Safe to use on infants, children and people of all ages including pregnant women
  • Spray on and rub in, it’s effective for up to 14 hours and is water resistant
  • Apply sunscreen before Moskito Care application if you are applying both
  • Apply Moskito Care to all exposed skin before entering the outdoors
  • Hold bottle close to skin for proper application
  • Do not apply beneath or on clothing
  • Do not apply product on infants’ hands


  • DEET-Free, won’t damage plastics and synthetic materials
  • Non-greasy, skin-friendly
  • Pleasant Fragrance, Water-Based formulation
  • Water Resistant
  • Long Lasting, 14 Hours of Protection against mosquitoes & ticks
  • May Be Used by the Entire Family, including pregnant women
  • Repels mosquitoes and ticks that may transmit Zika, Chikungunya, West Nile, Dengue and Lyme disease
  • Also repels stable flies, black flies, gnats, chiggers, biting midges, and sand flies for up to 8 hours
  • Non-flammable

Mode of Action:

Moskito Care is made with the active ingredient Picaridin and this formulation is not oily, greasy or sticky and moisturizes the outer layer of the skin.

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