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Orchex Oil


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Product Specs: Hydrotreated LightParaffinic Distillate

Packaging: 55 gl dr


Orchex Oil is a clear to light amber mineral oil base used as a carrier for chemical applications. It is a petroleum based diluent utilized for formulation in ULV applications for end use products. Orchex 796 Orchard Spray Oil is also commonly used on ornamental and food crops as a dormant oil for over-wintering insects on crops.

Where and When to Use Orchex Oil:

Orchex is to be used as a base diluent for ULV and barrier applications. Concentrate should be added to Orchex and thoroughly agitated before application. Although product separation does happen if product is stored for long periods of time, mild agitation is beneficial to restoring the mixture to a suspended solution.


  • Orchex 796 is a refined mineral oil with minimal impurities and debris (floaters).
  • Orchex is OMRI approved for use as plant disease control, or as an insecticide (including acaricide or mite control). May only be used if the requirements of 205.206(e) are met, which requires the use of preventive, mechanical, physical, and other pest, weed, and disease management practices. For use as an inert ingredient in combination with permitted active pesticidal ingredients, excluding EPA 25(b) exempt pesticides.

Mode of Action:

Orchex is primarily used as an inert diluents oil/ carrier for creating a wide range of mixture rations of active pesticide ingredients.

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