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Pioneer Eco-Backpack Sprayer

Pioneer Eco-Backpack Sprayer


The Pioneer Eco-Backpack combines the best features of cold foggers – safety, continuous flow adjustment, zero emissions – with the best features of thermal foggers – portability, low cost, and cable-free operation.

How to Use the Pioneer Eco-Backpack

Where and When to Use Pioneer Eco-Backpack Sprayer:

The Backpack is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. With dual speed settings users can fine tune the droplet size, and apply as a barrier or ultra low volume application.


  • The Pioneer Eco-Backpack runs off a removable Lithium-ion battery that can be charged from a standard wall outlet, giving you the freedom to work wireless.
  • Operators and onlookers can breathe easy: unlike portable foggers that are powered by burning fuel, the Pioneer Eco-Backpack produces no exhaust. Outdoors, the Backpack is an environment-friendly choice. Indoors, you can work in enclosed spaces without worrying about ventilation.
  • The regulated nozzle can adjust flow rate and particle size (5-50 micron).
  • Spraying around corners is easier with the flex-hose.
  • Additional Lithium-ion batteries a low cost addition to keeping your operation up and running.

Mode of Action:

The Pioneer backpack has a nozzle that can break down the droplet size of the chemical you are applying and is powerful enough to get the product where you need to get it.

Dimensions: 13.1"L x 12.9"W x 19.9"H, 22.70lbs

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