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Pioneer Eco-Handheld Sprayer

Pioneer Eco-Handheld Sprayer


The Pioneer Eco-Handheld Sprayer provides a powerful ULV solution in a handheld format. This sprayer gives hours of reliable service using a rechargeable lithium battery.  The pollution-free packaging is lightweight, effective, and environmentally friendly.

How to Use the Pioneer Eco-Handheld Sprayer

Where and When to Use Pioneer Eco-Handheld Sprayer:

The Pioneer Handheld Sprayer is ideal for outdoor and indoor insecticide spraying applications. This portable, light weight fogger, is ideal for targeting spaces where else it might have been difficult to get to with a truck mounted fogger or to just make a quick and easy spot treatment.

This fogger is used around the world to apply pesticides and disinfectants.


  • This Handheld Sprayer has an adjustable variable regulator producing 5 to 25 microns of fine fog droplets that can quickly apply insecticides and other water based solutions to eradicate vector carriers and pests
  • Adjustable motor RPM allows for establishing a spray pattern covering small or extended spray areas
  • Multi-purpose sprayer: Precision flow rate and droplet control means fog size can be controlled for both ULV and residual spraying
  • By attaching the carrying strap, applicators can spray with ease in any area
  • Ideal for professional use as well as home use
  • Small size takes up less storage space

Dimensions: 23.2"L x 7.6"W x 11.6"H, 12.54lbs

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