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RAMP 200


Response Biomedical Corp. delivers fast and accurate applications on the RAMP 200, with an average time to result of ~15 minutes. The RAMP® 200 is an advanced, multi-port reader with innovative design features and consists of a Control Module (CM) and a Test Module (TM). ​The CM provides a convenient touchscreen interface to facilitate easy menu navigation and access to patient and quality control results.

To operate – you will need one Control Module (CM) and at least one Test Module (TM). The dual port TM provides high throughput capability for any facility, allowing patient tests to be run simultaneously, with the option to expand the reader system to up to 3 TMs.

Where and When to Use RAMP 200:

  • The RAMP 200 uses proprietary software to read pre-programmed lot cards
  • The lot card is inserted into the TM prior to running a new test lot and enables the CM to automatically determine the test that is being run and calibrates the RAMP 200 on a lot-specific basis. No user calibration required!
    • The RAMP 200 rejects used or expired cartridges or insertion of a new cartridge without previous lot card entry
  • The test cartridge is prepared, as per the Instructions for Use, and inserted into the RAMP® 200
    • If the RAMP® 200 detects any errors, a clear error message will display on-screen instead of reporting a wrong result
  • The RAMP 200 calculates the RAMP® Ratio to correct for sources of variability
  • Use the RAMP 200 with any of RAMP virus tests



  • A high throughput, multi-port laboratory reader (18-36 tests/hour with 3 TMs)
  • Modular, expandable and flexible design (expandable up to 3 RAMP 200 TMs)
  • Multi-language capability (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Chinese)
  • Enhanced data management and connectivity
  • Self-diagnostic and internal quality control checks
  • No calibration or maintenance required
  • Run multiple tests on the same or different patients simultaneously
  • Bright, easy to read, touchscreen interface on the RAMP 200 CM for easy menu navigation
  • Multiple access levels for enhanced security including operator lockout with optional expiration
  • USB drive allows for easy software upgrades
  • Internal electronic quality control (IQC) and external liquid QC (LQC) available
  • Stores up to 300 sample, 300 IQC and 300 LQC results
  • Programmable, customizable LQC including lockout functions and an analyte specific range setting
  • Scanner and printer accessories also available for the RAMP 200


Dimensions: 7.7" x 7.0" x 4.1"

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