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RAMP West Nile Virus Test

RAMP West Nile Virus Test


The RAMP® WNV (West Nile Virus) test is a highly sensitive test used to identify WNV in mosquitoes and corvids. This test is used by mosquito control districts, public health laboratories, veterinary diagnostic laboratories and universities. The RAMP® WNV test consists of a single-use disposable test cartridge to be used with either the portable RAMP® Reader or the multi-port RAMP® 200.


Size: System

Where and When to Use RAMP West Nile Virus Test:

RAMP West Nile Virus mosquito and corvid analysis is ideal for mosquito control districts who wish to know quickly if samples are positive for West Nile Virus. Many districts use it to augment their State lab which may have limits on the number of samples run per week and may take from days to weeks for results.

How it works:
An aliquot of prepared sample plus buffer is placed in the test cartridge that is then inserted into the RAMP Reader. This patented technology incorporates an internal standard that is run and measured concurrently in every assay allowing the RAMP System to correct for test-to-test and reader-to-reader variations.


100 RAMP® West Nile Virus test cartridges
100 RAMP® WNV test tips (pouched with cartridges)
2 x 60mL RAMP® sample buffer (bulk)
Copper Coated Ball Bearings
100 2mL Dilution Vials
100 0.5mL Sample Vials
1 Transfer Device
1 Package Insert
1 Lot Card

Sample Preparation:
Sample preparation is very important. Mosquito samples must be ground well using bb’s and a vortex, centrifuged so that only supernate (no mosquito body parts or blood) is extracted for the sample.


  • RAMP Reader produces a digital quantitative readout which is not subject to human reader error or subjectivity
  • RAMP testing provides for increased testing in areas where West Nile Virus has been detected without additional shipping of samples
  • RAMP provides for quick (same day) results so that timely mosquito control measures can be employed
  • RAMP stores data electronically so that you do not have to record every result by hand.

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