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Sunspray MLO

Sunspray MLO


Active Ingredient:

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Product Specs: 98.8% Mineral Oil

Packaging: 5 gl pail, 55 gl drum, 275 gl tote


Sunspray Mosquito Larvicide Oil (MLO) is a mineral oil for the use of controlling mosquito larvae and pupae. When applied to the water it leaves a thin surface film which suffocates the larvae and pupae.

Where and When to Use Sunspray MLO:

Use Sunspray MLO when larvae and pupae are present in these areas: swamps, marshes, intermittently flooded areas, drainage areas, storm sewer catch basins, waste treatment facilities, settling ponds, ditches, log ponds, temporary rain pools, stagnant water pools, abandoned swimming pools, fountains, and ponds.

Since mosquitoes can hatch within 5 to 7 days of warm weather after egg deposition, stagnant water expected to be exposed for such a time should be treated with Sunspray MLO.

This product is labeled for use via ground or aerial application. Always follow label rates for application. By combining ADAPCO’s low price and recommended application rates, this product is a great tool to use in your mosquito larviciding program.



  • Sunspray MLO is suitable and economical for use in areas where stagnant water and mosquito larvae and pupae are present and fish and other desirable aquatic organisms are not.
  • Sunspray MLO provides rapid larvae and pupae mortality.

Mode of Action:

This product leaves a thin surface film over water in mosquito breeding areas and kills by suffocation. Consequently, mosquitoes do not develop resistance.


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