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Trumpet EC


Active Ingredient:

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Product Specs: 78% Naled

Packaging: 30 gl returnable dr


Trumpet EC is a special formulation of naled. It is unique in that it contains an emulsifier so it can be washed out with water. This proven adulticide is used for aerial spray missions all over the United States.

Where and When to Use Trumpet EC:

Trumpet® EC insecticide contains the active ingredient naled, which is the leading mosquito active ingredient for aerial applications and is ideally suited for public health or mosquito-abatement programs. It is extremely effective at controlling mosquitoes (even populations that have developed resistance to pyrethroids) and flies with minimal environmental persistence. Trumpet EC insecticide allows spray systems to be flushed with water after application.


  • Trumpet EC is a naled formulation that can be washed out with water which makes cleanup easy.
  • Naled used as either Trumpet EC or Dibrom® has been regarded by many mosquito control agencies as the product of choice for aerial application due to its high relative performance compared to any other registered product when applied by air. This is generally attributed to the weight (bulk density) of the active ingredient naled.

Mode of Action:

Trumpet contains the active ingredient, naled. This is an organophosphate insecticide and works by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase and ultimately paralyzing insect nervous systems.

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