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VectoMax FG is an advanced biological mosquito larvicide based on BioFuse™ technology — a patented formulation and manufacturing process that combines the time-proven and environmentally compatible bacterial active ingredients Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis (strain AM65-52) and Bacillus sphaericus 2362 (strain ABTS 1743) into a single microparticle. The mosquito larvae get a dose of a carefully selected ratio of both toxins when VectoMax particles are ingested.

Consisting of only Bti, Bs, and food-grade (USEPA list 4) inert ingredients, VectoMax FG has received approval for application in organic crops (U.S.: Organic Materials Review Institute [OMRI] approved) and sensitive habitats in various countries around the world. The product has a potency of 50 Bs International Toxin Units (Bs ITU) per milligram against Culex quinquefasciatus larvae. The size, shape, and density of VectoMax FG lessen the potential for off-target application due to aerial drift and enable good penetration of dense vegetation.

Microbial mosquito larvicides have gained considerable acceptance in recent years. The value of Bti, strain AM65-52 and Bs 2362, strain ABTS-1743 to mosquito-control programs worldwide is well-established. These unique strains of Bti and Bs each offer unique advantages relative to chemical insecticides, and they offer relative safety to humans and non-target organisms. Bti provides broad-spectrum activity against mosquitoes, rapid control, and low potential for resistance; while Bs exhibits extended residual control, efficacy in polluted water, and high target specificity.

Due to these unique advantages, Valent BioSciences Corporation developed BioFuse™ technology, a patented formulation and manufacturing technology that combines Bti and Bs in a specific toxin ratio into every microparticle. This technology offers mosquito control professionals the ability to take advantage of each microbial larvicide’s strengths, while significantly reducing the limitations that each possesses.

Where and When to Use VectoMax® FG:

VectoMax has suggested rates of 5 – 20 lbs/acre. Use higher rates (10 – 20 lbs/acre) in areas where fourth instar Aedes or Ochlerotatus spp. larvae predominate or very high densities of late instar larvae are present, or under conditions where local experience indicates the need for higher rates to achieve extended residual control.


Features of VectoMax FG:

  • Quickly kills mosquito larvae
  • Controls all mosquito species
  • Highly specific activity on mosquitoes
  • Can be used in clean and polluted habitats
  • Offers residual control of several mosquito species
  • Combination microbial
  • Uniform carrier
  • Dry formulation

Benefits of VectoMax FG:

  • Results can be assessed quickly in the field
  • Not harmful to non-target organisms
  • Virtually dust-free granules
  • Even applications with no bridging at lower application rates
  • Resistance management

Mode of Action:

Bti and B. Sphaericus are naturally occurring bacteria that have insecticidal activity on mosquitoes. This bacteria contain protein crystals that, when ingested by mosquito larvae, will rupture the gut wall or the larvae. This results in rapid death of the larvae.

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