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Product Specs: Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis 6.07%, (S)-methoprene 0.10%

Packaging: 40 lb/bag, 1000 & 1200 lb/supersacks


By combining Bti and (S)-methoprene in a single formulation, VectoPrime FG delivers effective control for multiple target mosquito species throughout all four instars. BioFuse™ technology ensures that each microparticle contains both AIs and that they are delivered in appropriate ratios for consistent application and results.

Microparticles are quickly released on contact with water

Quick kills deliver visible proof that larvae are dead

Low application rates due to high potency and dual action

Dual action provides complete control of asynchronous broods

Easy to use—optimized for existing equipment and application strategies

Where and When to Use VectoPrime® FG:

VectoPrime offers abatement professionals superior operational flexibility with a wider application window across all instars and pre-flood. The ability to apply VectoPrime prior to flooding means you can plan ahead instead of having to react to changing environmental conditions, saving time and freeing up resources that would have been required for additional field surveillance and additional treatments. In addition, working with a single solution that kills all larval instars also allows you to streamline inventories and simplify replenishment.


Biorational larvicide
with highly specific activity against mosquitoes
Not harmful to non-target populations
BioFuse™ technology
(combines the dual modes of action from Bti strain AM65-52 and (S)-methoprene into a carefully selected ratio in every microparticle)
Can treat all larval stagesWider application window for early or late instars

Reduces number and volume of products needed; more warehouse space

Quickly kills mosquito larvae Only mosquito growth regulator formulation where results can be observed within 24 hours in the field (eliminates need to collect pupae to determine efficacy)
Controls all mosquito species Application flexibility
Double “plus” potency and higher bulk density Improved payload and lower application rates significantly reduce operational costs
Pre-flood application capacity
in select environments
Reduces need to monitor flooding and wait for expected hatching
Standard size granule
(same as VectoBac® GS, VectoLex® FG and VectoMax® FG)
Simplifies aircraft calibration and characterization

Mode of Action:

Valent BioSciences Corporation’s BioFuse technology combines Bti strain AM65-52 and (S)-methoprene in a specific toxin ratio into every microparticle of VectoPrime FG. This technology offers mosquito control professionals the ability to take advantage of each active ingredient’s strengths, while significantly reducing the limitations that each possesses.

Single-brood Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis (Bti) products are most effective against early to mid instar larvae, and (S)-methoprene single-brood products are most effective against mid to late instar larvae. In either case, the most appropriate single-brood active ingredient to be used can be determined only after the habitat is sampled.

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