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WINGMAN is an advanced aerial spray management system designed by ADAPCO® that provides basic flight guidance, flight recording, obstacle awareness, flow rate, application totals and acres treated functions.

This industry-leading platform has been completely redesigned using state-of-the-art technology. Aerial mosquito treatment pilots and mosquito control management have provided hundreds of hours of input—all captured in the new WINGMAN’s simple but powerful user interface.

WINGMAN is built by mosquito control professionals for mosquito control professionals.


Where and When to Use Wingman 3:

WINGMAN provides the most important functionality unavailable from any other system, the ability to receive and process real-time multilevel meteorology from the Aventech AIMMS-30 or by manual keypad entry. With accurate meteorological data WINGMAN resolves the proper offset and altitude of the aircraft for every spray run, which results in the greatest increase of droplet densities and optimum droplet sizes through or onto the intended target while minimizing off-target drift.

In a real-time mode, WINGMAN’s cover moving map displays where your liquid or dry products are delivered in relation to the defined treatment zone, providing an unmatched confidence in delivering the material through or to the intended target. This is achieved by combining the real-time meteorology with the USDA Forestry Service AGDISP model within the WINGMAN.


  • 7” TFT Touch-Screen with color moving map
  • Powerful quad-core processor
  • Compatible with industry standard light bars
  • WAAS GPS precision accuracy (1-3 Meters)
  • Real-time display and recording of spray zone meteorological conditions
  • Real-time monitoring of meteorological changes with alarm
  • Graphically display the of the spray cloud deposition swath

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