Detection is Your Best Protection

Protect your district from West Nile virus by using RAMP®, a rapid, reliable and highly-sensitive assay to detect West Nile virus in mosquito and corvid populations. Don’t settle for lab results in a week when RAMP delivers same-day results that let you deploy resources and perform treatments before the infection rates begin to rise.

With RAMP, you can count on:

  • Same-day test results that eliminate lab wait times and enable timely mosquito control
  • Reliable, digital readout that’s secure from human error
  • Electronic data storage for efficient record keeping
  • Easy-to-use test kit backed by on-site training and online technical support

Mosquito control districts: Detection is the best tool to prevent the spread of West Nile virus to your public. Don’t wait another day to contact your ADAPCO® sales rep to order RAMP.