Services Available

Service Description
Spray Equipment Repairs: Available for remote visit (phone call or FaceTime) or ship to ADAPCO’s headquarters; a written estimate for evaluation of sprayer repair can be provided to keep your sprayer performing longer
Preventative Maintenance: Annual Maintenance Kits available – Kohler Annual Maintenance Kit and190GR Fittings Kit
Spare Parts: Available for a variety of machines
Extended Warranties: Protect your investment to ensure zero downtime
Training: ADAPCO Vector Lab can provide all the training you need for calibration, droplet testing, equipment usage, and maintaining your machines
Call us at 855-SVC-DEPT to schedule a service appointment or fill out our online request for service.
If necessary you can also request technical support powered by LogMeIn+Rescue. Technical support through this method must be arranged over the phone or via email before it will be approved.