Are Culex Mosquitoes Inhabiting your Storm Drains? ADAPCO is Here to Help!

Storm drains are the perfect home for Culex mosquitoes to breed. They can reproduce at an exponential rate and can carry a wide range of public health threats such as the West Nile Virus. ADAPCO offers the right products to protect your storm drains from Culex mosquitoes.

VectoLex® WSP 

VectoLex WSP formulation is a water-soluble pouch that contains bacterial larvicide, Bacillus sphaericus 2362 (strain ABTS-1743). Each pouch contains 10 grams of VectoLex® FG granules and has a product potency of 50 Bs ITU/mg. Bs is a highly target-specific larvicide that is effective against all vectors of WNV, and therefore, making it an ideal solution for use in catch basins.

Features of VectoLex WSP

  • Highly effective in polluted/organic waters
  • Microbial mode of action allows for easy, on-site efficacy evaluations
  • Up to 28 days of residual control in catch basins or other confined breeding spaces
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VectoMax® WSP

VectoMax WSP is another water-soluble pouch that contains two microbial mosquito larvicides, Bacillus sphaericus 2362 (strain ABTS-1743) and Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (strain AM65-52). Bti offers broad-spectrum activity against mosquitoes, rapid control, and relatively low potential for resistance development; Bs offers extended residual, activity in highly organic waters and is highly target-specific. Valent Biosciences developed BioFuse™ patented technology to combine Bti and Bs in a specific toxin ratio that is provided in every microparticle.

Features of VectoMax WSP

  • 6-8 weeks of residual control under typical environmental conditions
  • Can be used in clean and polluted habitats
  • Quickly kills mosquito larvae
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Benefits of Water Soluble Pouches Over Briquets

Water-soluble pouches are malleable and easily maneuver in tight spaces without getting buried or caught in debris or sludge. Once applied to water, VectoMax/VectoLex WSP typically dissolve and release granules within 1 minute, or slightly longer in cooler water temperatures. The corn cob carrier disperses on the water surface and in the water column, which distributes toxins into the larval feeding zone.

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