VectoPrime® FG is the dual action larvicide you’ve been looking for with complete single-brood control that can also be applied pre-flood.

Are floodwater mosquitoes causing a problem for your district? ADAPCO and Valent BioSciences are Here to Help!

Floodwater mosquitoes present many challenges for mosquito control districts.  Due to the complex nature of floodwater species, repeated surveillance is required to monitor population dynamics which requires greater effort and resources. Mosquitoes such as Aedes taeniorhynchus and Culex quniquefasciatus can reproduce at exponential rates.  All of this adds up to increased operational complexity and greater cost for you and emphasizes the need for a mosquito control product with a wide application window.  VectoPrime FG can help!

VectoPrime FG – The Deets

VectoPrime FG larvicide is a next-generation biorational larvicide for complete single-brood control that can also be applied at pre-flood. VectoPrime combines Bti strain AM65-52 with (S)-methoprene in each micro particle by utilizing Valent BioSciences BioFusetechnology. This allows VectoPrime to offer the widest single-brood application window (1st to 4thinstar, or pre-flood) with the lowest rates for direct application to water.  This saves costs and improves application flexibility!

The Combo

Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis or Bti

  • 400 International Toxic Units (ITU) per mg 6.07%
  • Larvae ingest Bti spores and crystalline toxins which become toxic and cause damage to the gut of the mosquito


  • 0.10%
  • Insect growth regulator (IGR)
  • Mimics natural juvenile horomone (JH)
  • Emergence inhibition

VectoPrime FG – The WOW Factor

  • Biorational larvicide
  • BioFuse Technology
  • Quickly kills mosquito larvae
  • Controls all mosquito species
  • Double “plus” potency and higher bulk density
  • Pre-flood application capacity
  • Standard size granule

VectoPrime FG – How to Apply

Ground Applications

VectoPrime FG treatments can be made with many types of ground equipment designed for granule application. These include manually or mechanically driven devices relying on a whirling disk (e.g., Cyclone™ seeder, Ortho® Whirlybird®, Herd™ seeder), and air-blast applicators (e.g., Buffalo Turbine sprayers and Maruyama® or Stihl® power backpacks). program objectives.

Aerial Applications

VectoPrime FG can be applied aerially with conventional fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter application equipment (e.g., Isolair Helicopter Systems application products).

VectoPrime FG Technical Use Data

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